We’re On the Big Screen at the Mission Impossible World Premiere!

We were beyond thrilled to partner with Uber and Paramount to create a video campaign for the new Mission: Impossible movie. The argument can EASILY be made that Mission: Impossible is the best action franchise ever (seriously, it has no real low points). So we were jazzed.

Blending brands isn’t always easy– but we created Cooper Adrian, Tom Cruise’s bored stunt double who has nothing to do on set, and so drives with Uber in his spare time.

We were thrilled to hear that the video has gone over so well that it was featured on the big screen at the Mission Impossible: Fallout world premiere in Paris! Not bad for a bored stunt double!


An Ames Room for Ant Man & The Wasp

We’ve been obsessed with Ames Rooms for years and it just so happened Disney wanted us to help them turn the Ant Man press junket into something bigger… or smaller… or both?

So we created an Ames Room illusion for journalists and talent to play with. Marvel Studios’ Instagram account posted this picture that quickly became one of–if not *the*–most engaged posts ever on the channel with 660,000 likes and over 3,000 comments. We always knew Ames Rooms would crush with audiences.


btw that makes SEVEN Webby Awards in 5 Years

Not bad!

Thanks to the clients and partners that have made this possible: Qualcomm, Disney, LucasFilm, Netflix, Simon & Schuster, and the production teams behind HelloDenizen


Fresh Beef, Fresh Videos for McDonald’s

McDonald’s just launched the new fresh beef Quarter Pounder and we were lucky enough to help bring the “So Good It’ll Leave You Speechless” campaign to YouTube and partner with some great creators–DaymDrops, JoshuaDTV, and CyberNova–in the process.

It’s never enough just to plunk a creator in front of a camera and say “yum” so we adapted the campaign to fit the voices of our creators. The results speak for themselves. Or don’t. Because everybody’s speechless.


1… 2… 3… Webby Awards for 2018!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Webby voting this year, and thanks to the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for adding 3 more Webby Awards to Denizen’s shelves:

Webby Award: Live Experience – The Last Jedi New York Comic Con Experience

People’s Voice Award: Live Experience – The Last Jedi New York Comic Con Experience

People’s Voice Award: Individual Performance – Johnny Depp – Jack Sparrow Surprise

The cherry on top for us is that Denizen is the first winner of the Live Experience Webby, which was new for 2018.  We’ve been major league advocates for the power of Live Experiences turned digital content; we’ve pioneered the form for the past several years, going all the way back to 2013 with our Webby Award winning Best Bus Stop Ever campaign. So to see the form grow, reach Webby Award-category notoriety, and to take home the big prize (for STAR WARS no less) is a real delight for us.




Denizen + Solo

It’s always a great time shooting in Disney World, and when you’re filming Chewbacca as the guest of honor, the sky’s the limit. SOLO is going to be a special movie, and we are very pleased to bring everyone’s favorite Wookie for some rides on Star Tours.

Every now and then you get to pull something off that you’re childhood self would never believe possible– but as a certain smirking space rogue once said, “never tell me the odds.”


We Just Took New York Comic Con By Stormtrooper. Thanks Disney + LucasFilm!

Well that’s one way to make the insanity of NYCC even more insane. What a privilege to work wit Disney, LucasFilm, and Comic Con to turn the Star Wars booth into something spectacular.

Sure- at Comic Con you can build a booth that attracts tens of thousands of eyeballs. But you know what’s cool? Millions of views. The real power of experiences is their ability to translate to videos that can reach anybody, anywhere, anytime. So we put on a show for The Last Jedi that generated millions of views.


Jack Sparrow Surprise

Well… this was crazy.

Not a lot to say other than: 25 million views and #1 trending story of Facebook is a pretty good argument for building experiential-video campaigns.


Pirate Of the Share-ibbean

I’m very sorry for that headline but what can any of us do in the face of a very bad pun like that?

Disney gave us a lot of leash to play with for the new Pirates of the Caribbean campaign, so among other things we 3D projected footage onto origami skulls, screened trailers on smoke, and experimented with Instagram murals.


Denizen Helps Netflix Cheat

Netflix did a study and realized that a significant percentage of couples who watch shows together end up “cheating”- one partner watches ahead of the other without telling. Uh oh.

So they hired Denizen to come in and create a video… to teach them how to cheat better. We’ll take that as a compliment?

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